Our savior, the god of love. Pram.

The LegacyEdit

Pram was born like any of the other gods, out of the fiery hell pits known as the Creepy pasta wiki. Pram was born and the world was illuminated by his love. The heavens were created and so was hell. The current inhabitant of the realm, known only as "Andy", came to kill pram. Pram instantly turned him into a loyal follower with his sexy thighs. Andy from then on became the god of time. Pram then went to the highest mountain top and gave birth to his children. Cleric and Nipples were born. The explosion that birthed them also created a creature known as LOLSKELETONS who prowls the wastelands looking for easy prey to kill. This monster is the pet of Cleric. Another two creatures appeared. Princess Skunktank and WhyAmIReadingThis were born. Princess became the goddess of beauty and reading became the god of war. Another god emerged from the carcass of a demon, It's name was Silverspots. Silver became the god of theives and pestilance and constantly insulted our creator in envy of his thighs. The god known as Ectobiologist came into existence when a fire emerged in the darkest pit of the tunnel known as "The Smut and Potato factory". He instantly made pram squeal in joy and he became the god of humanity. Soon humanity appeared and the two kings emerged: Cymbal and Wolfenmaus. They ruled over the kingdom for years until Cymbal ascended to god-hood, Wolfen spread lies about his divinity and was stoned to death for blashamy. When they left, the land was left to one man. Doctor. Doctor became the religious leader and the king of the land. He had 52 sons. The last one was his favorite. He named him, The Grim Avenger. Grim became the head priest in the church of pram. Pram graced Grim by making him the god of justice when he dies, but until then The Grim Avenger is our leader. Hail Grim and hail the pantheon of gods.